The Paris Foundation was created in May 2015 in response to the ambition of the Mayor of Paris to reinforce public/private partnerships.

The Paris Foundation is a private entity, administered by a board of directors made up of 15 members. Recognised as a not-for-profit organisation, the Fund For Paris guarantees its patrons a tax deduction of 60% for companies and 66% for individuals.

This organisation demonstrates an entirely new approach towards fundraising in France. Paris is the first French city to have a private organisation entirely dedicated to finding private patronage to finance heritage restoration projects, a heritage which makes Paris the number one tourist destination worldwide.

Our mission

The Paris Foundation is aimed at those interested in going beyond heritage restoration projects, to foster the emergence of contemporary art in public spaces.

Its goals are:

  • To restore Parisian heritage monuments and spaces.
  • To integrate contemporary artworks from art competitions or through commissions by internationally-renowned artists.
  • To create installations contributing to or enhancing cultural heritage.

Board Members

  • Jean-David Blanc


  • Jean-Jacques Aillagon

  • Nathalie Bellon-Szabo

  • Patrick Bloche

  • Catherine Dumas

  • Rémi Gaston-Dreyfus

  • Philippe Gleizes

  • Guillaume Houzé

  • Philippe Journo

  • Anne Méaux

  • Fadila Mehal

  • Eric Molinié

  • Franklin Servan-Schreiber

  • François Vauglin


Anne-Sylvie Schneider
mail : asschneider@fondsparis.fr

Anne-Céline Delvert
Deputy director
tél : 01 42 76 79 51
mail : acdelvert@fondsparis.fr

Pauline Bernard-Vernay
Project officer
mail : pbernard@fondsparis.fr