Bouquet of Tulips by Jeff Koons

A symbol of remembrance

Paris and France as a whole have experienced a series of tragic events over the past few months.

Terrorist attacks have deliberately targeted youth, diversity, liberty and the freedom to live together. Such human and cultural values are very important to France, and are also shared with the USA.
The American people, represented in France by Her Excellency the Ambassadress Jane D. Hartley, have expressed their desire to demonstrate their support for Parisians by offering a monumental artwork as a gift in tribute to the victims of these attacks.

Three centuries ago, as a symbol of friendship and to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence, France gave the USA an artwork which is today a symbol of liberty and fraternity: the Statue of Liberty.

The artist Jeff Koons is very fond of Paris and France and wanted to perpetuate this friendship by creating a sculpture for the City of Paris, called the “Bouquet of Tulips”. This work – mirroring the Statue of Liberty to a certain extent – will be erected in the Franco-American district in the heart of Paris, in front of the City of Paris’ Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo. This is the ideal location to showcase the universal values of art.

The great American artist has decided to donate this work to all Parisians and to everyone who loves the city of Paris. This very generous gesture should certainly be commended.

All that remains is to finance the creation of this monumental permanent sculpture. This is why we are asking for support from anyone who is strongly attached to the values of Paris, Art and, especially, Life itself.

It is also for this reason that, knowing your generosity in supporting projects combining meaning, debate and art, we are giving you the opportunity to provide financial support for this flagship project.

The American Ambassadress and the Mayor of Paris, who has appointed the Fonds pour Paris – Paris Foundation in collaboration with Noirmontartproduction for this purpose, would like to announce this donation around the November 13th, 2016 – the anniversary date of the Paris tragedy.

Of course, this project can only come to fruition with your aid. Please help us make it happen.


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Artistic project


Cost : €304 760

Material, moulds, support, structure
Casting Tulips and Hand shell parts build internal structure
All parts in assembling process, painting

Cost : €2 469 100

Packing, transport, installation

Cost : €175 000


Cost : €50 000


TOTAL COST : €3 000 000